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Because fandom is an odd and ciruitous beast, the next installment of the Favorite Authors Project is postponed and you're getting a new rec list today! The fabulous Jenny of Reading the End, the blog and the podcast, had a guest appearance on Fangirl Happy Hour with the inimitable Renay, also of the delightful and Hugo-nominated Lady Business blog. That's...a lot of fannish awesomeness all wrapped together. Anyway! Jenny mentioned on FGHH that she loves high school AUs and because I'm such a giving person --

-- to which Jenny responded

and thus a rec list was born. Here are ten of my favorite high school AUs.
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It's our second Fic Rec Monday in the Favorite Authors Project, where I put together a rec list with works by specific fic writers instead of by theme or fandom. This week we're talking about [archiveofourown.org profile] thehoyden, who has been writing awesomeness in all your favorite fandoms (okay, maybe not all of your favorite fandoms, but a lot of mine) for forever. They're also a semi-regular guest on the /Report, one of my favorite podcasts (coming at you with fangirl awesomeness since 2011).

I'm sharing ten of my favorite fics by [archiveofourown.org profile] thehoyden. (Keep in mind these are just my favorites. They also fic for fandoms I don't read often, like: Hikaru no Go, Naruto, Due South, Inception, etc.)
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Today I'm over at Book Riot talking about the first books in three very different series. They're all great places for new (and experienced) romance readers to dive into the genre or just a great series.

We've got a law enforcement/lawyer story where our hero and heroine didn't start off on the right foot.

still holding a grudge

A historical where our heroine is a bit of a wallflower and our hero is, well, sort of emotionally incompetent.


And a historical where our heroine is the eldest daughter of a very large family.
is this a kissing book?

You can check out the full post on Book Riot!

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Okay, friends. I'm going to be trying something new for the next month or two. Instead of lists by theme or fandom I'm going to do recs of my favorite works by specific fic writers.

We're starting with one of my perpetual faves, Mr. BNF himself: [personal profile] copperbadge. [personal profile] copperbadge (also [personal profile] sam_storyteller, or Sam Starbuck) writes fanfic and original fiction. Sam's professional writing site is populated with really interesting thoughts on fanworks and the writing process (and free ebooks!) and all sorts of cool stuff. His Tumblr is home to some amazing features, like job hunting advice and the hilarious RDJ advises Chris Evans (and others) on their life choices. I recommend just moseying over to Sam's Tumblr, because it's always entertaining and their are tons of fun and helpful links.

Sam also runs a weekly Radio Free Monday post, where fannish types can spread the word about causes, fundraising, cool projects, etc. It's a long-running project done simply for the love of the community and I think that says a lot about how awesome [personal profile] copperbadge is as both a fan and a person.

Also? A very, very gifted writer. I'm sharing 20 of my favorite copperbadge fics. (Keep in mind these are just my favorites. Sam also writes fic for fandoms I don't read often, like: Torchwood, Discworld, White Collar, House, etc.)
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Game of Thrones is back on TV and even though I noped out of the show last season (read: Sansa storyline of DO NOT WANT) I still know plenty of people who love the show and I have a fondness for the fandom. Here are twenty-two of my favorite Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire fics:
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You know what's super impressive? Turning in your dissertation! Elizabeth, the evil mastermind behind the booktube channel Books and Pieces, accomplished this greatest of quests (so fiendishly difficult the document in question was dubbed Dolores after that grimmest of Harry Potter villains) last week. In a fit of celebratory fervor, I offered to put together a rec list of her choice. She asked for Agent Carter recs.

Oh, Elizabeth, how did you know about my unending love of Margaret Carter? And have I mentioned I'm still a little miffed the MCU totally missed the opportunity to give one of their heroines a cracktastic backstory? (She ran away to join the French Resistance as a teenager, fell in love with Steve, then developed amnesia so Steve could have storylines without her and she was sent home to live with her parents. SERIOUSLY.) Right. Moving on.

I'm taking a little creative license with this list request (because I am both the best and worst) and chose fics that involve Peggy being awesome. Some of these technically aren't Agent Carter recs (a few were written pre-show or don't involve show canon or are just so wildly AU I don't think they really count as AC recs), but they're all delightful. So congratulations, again, on vanquishing Dolores. May she languish in Azkaban for the rest of her days (or until you decide to publish). Here are 25 awesome!Peggy fics for your reading pleasure.
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Today's Friday Reads I'm pointing you in the direction of my first post over on Panels. (Yes, I'm officially a Panelteer and I'm pretty excited about it!) I put together a list of comics/graphic novel recs for the characters of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. You can check out my recommendations here.
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If you're into booktube you may know Claire already, but if not you should check out her channel. She's funny and insightful and her videos are a joy to watch. Since I'm a terrible friend and enjoy distracting her, this week's Fic Rec Monday is all about her newest Marvel OTP: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes. Here are 26 of my favorite Stucky fics:
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Hey, The 100 fandom. I'm, uh, not going to ask how you're all doing because that's a ridiculous question. The answer is: not so great. I'm behind on actually viewing this season, but I'm thoroughly spoiled. I know it's been a rough few weeks. (Season, okay, it's been a rough season.) So here I am, dropping my fave Linctavia fics with happy endings. And seriously, I wish I had more recs. I mostly read Bellarke and I've had trouble finding fics that have Lincoln/Octavia as the main pairing. Feel free to leave your faves in the comments. May our next Fic Rec Monday be less terrible.
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